On Monday, November 18th, Teach-In participants will take their voices to the Hill to address three very important issues: Humane Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the U.S. Policy Toward Central America, and Environmental Justice. Please use the following links as supplemental resources during your preparation for IFTJ 2014.

Setting Up Your Advocacy Visits

Individual delegations are responsible for setting up visits with their Members of Congress. If your delegation is from California, Ohio, New York, or Massachusetts, please contact Kim Miller at kmiller@ignatiansolidarity.net for assistance in coordinating your Senate meetings. All delegations are encouraged to set up meetings with their Representatives.

How to Set Up Your Meeting:

(Start this at least FOUR weeks before the IFTJ)

1. Find out who your Representative and Senators are at www.house.gov and www.senate.gov. (You can also find their office phone numbers and emails here)

2. Contact the scheduler in your Congressperson’s office and ask for an appointment with the Member or the Legislative Assistant.

3. Start calling to set up your appointment FOUR weeks in advance.

4. You may need to fax your appointment request. Download your IFTJ sample requests below!

5. Tell the scheduler the date & times you are available, the issues you want to discuss and who will be present during the visit.

6. Confirm the visit by phone a day or two before the appointment

7. Let ISN know when you have set up a meeting here!

Sample Scheduling Letters

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Updated 8.21.14)
US Policy Toward Central America  (Updated 9.11.14)

Environmental Justice (Coming Soon!)


Advocacy 101 Resources

Ecumenical Advocacy DaysTips for preparing for a meeting and advocacy meeting role play videos

Additional Resources