Enemies of War

BY KIM MILLERNovember 1, 2001

Produced for PBS and originally aired in 2001, “ENEMIES OF WAR includes interviews and conversations with an American congressman sent on the inquiry into El Salvador, a former U.S. ambassador to El Salvador and other diplomats, a Salvadoran opposition political candidate, a spokesperson for the FMLN and two Jesuits who teach at the University of Central America. The documentary looks at the historic Peace Accords of 1992 – when thousands of FMLN rebels gave up their weapons to United Nations (U.N.) forces and 102 Salvadoran officers, many of whom were named in the Truth Commission Report, were dismissed or forced to retire. It also explores the findings of the U.N. Truth Commission on El Salvador.”

The “Enemies of War” site is filled with rich resources including an overview of the Salvadoran Civil War, interviews with acting parties, a timeline of the war, and additional human rights in El Salvador resources.

Order full version of “Enemies of War” – Only available on VHS; $185 to purchase for school and parish groups


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