IMMIGRANTS: Why do they come to our country?

BY ISN STAFFSeptember 26, 2011

Why do immigrants come to our country?  This is often a question that elicits a myriad of responses here in the U.S.    They come…to help their families, because they are lazy, because they want our jobs, they are seeking the “American dream”, etc.  However, sometimes I think we may miss the more important question – Why do people leave their own country? has assembled a number of videos that offer perspectives on why people left their home country.  The video below not only addresses why a father left Mexico but also why he returned years later.  As we consider the issue immigration reform in the U.S., considering the perspectives of those who come (and leave) our country will always be important.

Only a Dream from Josh Davis on Vimeo

Some resources to consider related to immigration include:

Justice for Immigrants Campaign

Interfaith Immigration Coalition

You may also want to consider attending the Ignatian Family Teach-In this November (12th to 14th) where the Ignatian Solidarity Network will host a number of breakout sessions and advocacy training related to immigration and comprehensive immigration reform.

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