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alta gracia

Alta Gracia

BY ISN STAFFFebruary 28, 2012

The Ignatian Solidarity Network is excited to be a co-sponsor of “Woven Together: Students & Workers Bringing Living-Wage Union Apparel to Your Community”, taking place this Saturday (March 3rd) from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Busboys & Poets (5th & K – 1025 5th Street NW, Washington, D.C.).  The program is being organized by the International Labor Rights Forum.

You are invited to join ISN Board of Director Bill Hobbs and learn more about Alta Gracia, a living-wage union-made apparel factory in the Dominican Republic directly from apparel workers themselves.
  Maritza Vargas and Ana Doñe Mariñez, factory workers and union leaders whose families and community are being transformed by living wages and international solidarity will share their stories.

What is Alta Gracia?
Alta Gracia is a living-wage union-made apparel factory in the Dominican Republic where workers earn over three and a half times the local minimum wage, enabling workers to support their families with housing, transportation, health care, nutritious food and education. Workers’ voices are valued through an independent union and they are treated with dignity and respect in their workplace.  You can learn more about Alta Gracia at: http://altagraciaapparel.com/

How is it connected with the Ignatian family?
Alta Gracia is becoming an important element of Jesuit university campuses effort to increase the social responsibility of their licensed apparel.  Across the country many Jesuit universities and other ISN partner universities have Alta Gracia apparel featured in their bookstore as a living-wage apparel option for campus customers.

Georgetown University (story featured on Georgetown’s website on 12/2/11) has played a prominent role in Alta Gracia’s growth through the research efforts of professors Dr. John Kline and Dr. Edward Soule entitled “The Alta Gracia Project: Can you change a life by buying a Georgetown t-shirt?”

ISN also hosted a series of webinars with Alta Gracia earlier this year, offering students and staff at high schools and universities ways to increase the presence of Alta Gracia on their campus.  We have a recording of our webinar entitled “Bringing Alta Gracia to Your Community”. 

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