High School Completion Rates in Appalachia by County (2000)

Appalachian Mountain Top Removal Mining – A Call to Build A New Model

The recent New York Times article on Mountain Top Removal, “Appalachia Turns on Itself” repeated several arguments often cited to persuade us to limit or eliminate the practice of mountain top removal.

Vote for Solidarity – Reflections on Election 2012

”Vote for Solidarity” offers reflections from Ignatian family on how “being in solidarity” with others will factor into Election 2012.

Voting for the Displaced in Colombia

As I look forward to this year’s elections, I have to admit: I’m concerned. With the exorbitant amounts of money flooding into campaigns to make sure we elect various candidates, the talking heads bickering about policy, and the attack ads starting, it seems hard to escape “Election 2012.”