Documentary: Little Things with Passion

BY ISN STAFFAugust 20, 2012

written by: Anthony Ford, Boston College ’13 – Film Co-Director & Producer

In June 2011, my roommate and I went with another friend to shoot a documentary in Uganda. We had a handful of various contacts and one goal: to shoot a film that portrayed Uganda from a positive local grassroots perspective in response to the many other films out there that depict the neediness of Africa.  Once we got on the ground, connections blossomed and we had the opportunity to meet dozens of amazing community organizers, leaders, artists and inspirational people.  With that, we were able to shoot our documentary that highlighted local organizations that used different art media to engage and support their community’s youth. Our vision came through with the support of many friends and mentors in the creation of a story that showcased community building by Ugandans for Ugandans. Our aim is to demonstrate both the necessity of working within one’s own community and the benefits of sharing resources between nations and cultures in a healthy and respectful manner that is mutually beneficial.

The title—Little Things With Passion—comes from a variation of Mother Teresa’s reminder that “we are not called to do great things. We are only called to do small things with great love.” The film can be viewed at www.vimeo.com/LittleThingsWithPassion. Please email us with comments at anthonyford10(at)gmail.com and cpeterferg(at)gmail.com.

Little Things With Passion from Little Things With Passion on Vimeo.

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