Remembering Hurricane Katrina Seven Years Later

BY CHRIS KERRAugust 29, 2012

As we recognize the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastating impact on the Gulf Coast, our thoughts and prayers are also with those who are being impacted by Hurricane Issac throughout the Gulf Region and those who are recovering in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Katrina called our entire country to respond to immediate needs and eventually to reflect on challenging issues of poverty and race in the storm’s aftermath.  The Ignatian family took this “call” to action very seriously from the moment the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast, and their response continues today.

In the immediate hours after Katrina assaulted the Gulf Region, Jesuit institutions across the country began what would be a response that continues today.  Universities and high schools offered short and long term places of refuge for students and faculty, the Jesuits of the New Orleans Province became core partners in the region’s rebuilding effort, faculty at institutions across the country (especially Loyola University New Orleans) continue to provide academic analysis on the root causes of injustice that were exposed in light of the hurricane, and to this day Jesuit works around the country continue to send groups to the region to serve in partnership with communities in Louisiana and Alabama.  In addition, in 2007 the Ignatian family gathered for a spring Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice to learn more directly about the issues and support struggling communities through service.

In recognition of the anniversary, we offer a few resources for reflection from the Ignatian family:

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