The One Water Drop Needed

BY ISN STAFFNovember 6, 2012

Written by Jeremy Randazzo, student at Loyola University of New Orleans.

Loyola University of New Orleans is a big advocate in giving back to the community and making a difference that will greatly help the city in its quest to move forward. In making this possible, the University allows the students to run and create many programs that deal with tutoring future generations, helping rebuild houses, and many more that better the community. When I first came to Loyola, I tried to find some kind of service work that grabbed my attention. On this quest, I talked with various students who constantly brought up the topic of me joining a fraternity.

When I thought of a fraternity or Greek life, I pictured a bunch of guys that partied with very little care for what was happening in the community. I am sure this is the typical image of some people when they picture what they think of fraternities. However, I started talking to more actives at lunch or in between classes. Through the conversations, I found out that I was very mistaken in my judgment. The brothers of Phi Kappa Psi took that task of pushing each other to follow and live the set principles that all Jesuit institutions try to teach to everyone.

Rather then just take part in random programs run by the university or not participate in any service work that helps the community, the brothers of Phi Kappa Psi push each other to take part in helping their community as well as coming together with their fellow peers. In fact, they look for ways to help make that difference, big or small, in people’s lives that need it. For example, the brothers have worked with an organization called “Freret Initiative,” which involves cleaning a main street near the university that has local businesses. In addition, they look for ways to raise money for various charities and families for the holidays. Some brothers even take part in immersion trips throughout the year. The list continues with how the fraternity tries to work with the community and even other organizations.

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