Taking the Pillar Challenge

Anna Ferguson challenges herself to live under the seven pillars: Service, Simplicity, Sustainability, Solidarity, Community, Reflection, and Justice.
ISN University Leaders Summit

2013: Gifts I’ve Been Given as a Member of the Ignatian Family

The stress of finals exams has passed. The Christmas rush of gift-buying, White Elephant-exchanging, and cookie eating is behind us. Only a few days stand between us and something new: a year filled with new and exciting possibilities - a blank slate, a fresh chalkboard, a new document on which we are waiting to write. Before we move on, however, our shared saturation in Ignatian Spirituality calls for us to engage in moments of reflection. I want to offer for you my own small reflection on 2013 and the gifts I have been given as a member of the Ignatian Family this year

G.K. Chesterson

"Christmas is built upon a beautiful and international paradox; that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home."