Human Rights in Honduras: Interview with Shaina Aber & Tom Greene, S.J.

Human Rights in Honduras: Interview with Shaina Aber & Tom Greene, S.J.

Shaina Aber (Policy Director, Jesuit Conference Social & International Ministries) and Fr. Tom Greene, S.J. (Secretary for Social & International Ministries) recently visited Honduras to develop a deeper understanding of the volatile human rights situation facing the Central American country and how Jesuits and lay partners are responding.  The interview offers perspectives on these realities and insights into ways that people here in the U.S. can support those who are marginalized by injustice through outreach and advocacy.

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  1. Kyle Cassidy
    Kyle Cassidy says:

    My name is Kyle Cassidy and I attend a Jesuit University in Cleveland, John Carroll. A group of about 10 students including myself recently went to Honduras as part of a business class. A few people in the class have been there once or twice, but it was my first time. We fell in love with a place called Flor Azul in El Paraiso, which is a boy’s orphanage. We learned so much about all the topics you covered in this video and are now trying to help the boys home as well as develop ways to help the people of Honduras. We as a class have been and are continuing to try to find innovative ways to help these people in a long term way. The more help we can get, and possibly the more help we can provide to you would be a step in the right direction. My email is [email protected] please contact me if you have any interest in helping our cause, as well as expanding our community to help this struggling country.

    • ckerr
      ckerr says:


      Glad to hear that you feel so connected to the people of Honduras after your trip and that you desire to continue your relationship of solidarity!

      Best of luck!

      Chris Kerr
      ISN Executive Director


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