I’ve just survived one of the most difficult experiences I can think of as a parent—solo parenting! My husband had a work trip that required him to spend 5 full days in Los Angeles with his colleagues. Consequently, that meant that I was home alone with our son, Liam, now 3 years old, and managing all of the details of our lives the best I could. And the many bumps, twists, turns and failures made me realize how much I missed having my partner around.

A Jesuit Novice Reflects on L’Arche

L’arche is home. Laughing, sharing life and being amazed with joy and gratitude were part of my daily routine. It is hard for me to articulate the significance of my time at L’arche. Attempting to name this experience and the effects it has had on me, like any experience, inevitably falls woefully short. This is especially true of an encounter that largely came not from the intellect, but from the heart.

Ruined For Life

Michael Gladstone, Walsh Jesuit High School student, reflects on a recent immersion trip to Ecuador: I was told to go into my immersion experience in Ecuador with an open heart and an open mind. What I did not predict was the magnitude at which God’s presence would fill these open spaces through the people I grew to love.