How do we teach our children peace in the midst of so much violence?

Knowing all of this, how do we teach our children peace amid all of this violence? The answer may be right in front of us and actually quite challenging. We must be people of peace ourselves. For some this call to action could be rooted in the model of Christ, for others in Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Dorothy Day, to name just a few. Our everyday actions with our children will need to be analyzed for the messages they send about how to treat others, even those who harm us.
Brent Otto SJ, Scott Powers, and Fred Kammer SJ

ISN Welcomes New Directors: Fred Kammer SJ, Brent Otto SJ & Scott Powers

The Ignatian Solidarity Network Board of Directors has unanimously voted to welcome Fred Kammer, S.J., Brent Otto, S.J., and Scott Powers, as directors.

Humane Immigration Reform is the Call of the Ignatian Solidarity Network

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 8, 2013 www.www.ignatiansolidarity.net Contact: Christopher Kerr, Executive Director O – 216-397-2088 [email protected] HUMANE IMMIGRATION REFORM IS THE CALL OF THE IGNATIAN SOLIDARITY NETWORK Jesuit-affiliated…