Immigration Advocacy Update – 7/16/13

Ignatian Family: 
Since the passing of S.744 the comprehensive immigration reform bill by the U.S. Senate in late June there have been many questions about the future of immigration reform.
There are many opinions about how the U.S. House of Representatives will respond to the call for comprehensive immigration reform; but one thing remains clear – THEY NEED TO HEAR OUR CALL FOR HUMANE REFORM!

Can you contact your representative today and let them know that YOU SUPPORT HUMANE COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM?

Can’t remember your representative’s phone number, no worries – GO HERE.

Make sure to share the message on social media – RE-TWEET your supporthere:

Thank you for your continued involvement in the Ignatian Solidarity Network!  Make sure to call your representative today!

Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr
Executive Director

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