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Pope Francis: Pray and Advocate to End Hunger | Protect SNAP

BY ISN STAFFDecember 10, 2013

Pope Francis is kicking off an international campaign to end hunger and has invited people around the world to join him in a “Global Wave of Prayer” with a prayer at 12 PM Noon your local time TODAY.  We hope you will join the Ignatian family in prayer.  You can find the prayer here.

However, our action to end hunger needs to go beyond prayer – we must also advocate.  Despite the many resources we are blessed with in the U.S., there are still people experiencing hunger every day.  In 2012, 49 million Americans (more than 1 in 7 Americans) struggled to put food on their tables. This figure includes 15.9 million children.  Currently the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which assists those challenged by hunger is being targeted by budget cuts in Congress.

Further cuts to SNAP would be devastating to the millions of Americans experiencing hunger.  Support fellow Americans who are protected from hunger via the SNAP program by contacting your members of Congress today and urging them to vote against any and all cuts to SNAP!

Here is a brief script you can use when you call:

I am a person of faith and a part of the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

As a constituent of [name of Senator or Representative] I am calling today to ask [him/her] to protect the millions of Americans facing hunger every day by voting against any and all cuts to the SNAP program in the Farm Bill and ensuring that eligibility requirements for the program do not become needlessly more stringent.

Thank you for your time.

Resources for Taking Action to support SNAP:
VIDEO: SNAP Policy Update
SN’s SNAP Advocacy Talking Points
ind Your Members of Congress

Thank you for supporting these efforts to end hunger through prayer and action!

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