Jesuit Conference Report Highlights Needs of Honduran Asylum Seekers


BY ISN STAFFMay 15, 2014

The U.S. Jesuit Conference recently released a report focused on the treatment of Honduran asylum cases within the U.S. asylum system.   Included in the report is an overview of the current political and security realities causing some Hondurans to be persecuted, discusses U.S. law related to asylum claims generally speaking and particularly for Hondurans, and  analysis of some of the groups most vulnerable to persecution and displacement within Honduran society.

“Record numbers of Hondurans are arriving in the U.S. expressing that they left their homeland because of fears and violence,” said Shaina Aber, policy director in the Conference’s Social & International Ministries office noted,  “the U.S. immigration authorities must begin to become cognizant of the very real threats to the lives and well-being of particular groups of Honduran nationals in their country of origin.”

The report is intended to be a resource for practitioners, immigration authorities, and advocates alike.

Click here to view the full report.

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