Climate Change: Our Unity in Love for the Gift of Creation

For the past several months, I have received an avalanche of emails from several environmental organizations. They all had one goal – to get as many people involved in the People’s Climate March as they possibly could. I admit: I had some doubts and trepidations.

Law, Labor, Love

You don’t have to fully support their goals to realize that a resurgent labor movement is a good thing — a counterbalance to increasingly monolithic corporate powerhouses and a mediating institution for a seemingly voracious public sector. Justice — for janitors, chefs, teachers, sales clerks, or, yes, factory workers — is an important element, a constituent element of a just public order. And, in many ways, the current climate seems to ignore this.

A Returning Volunteer: I will go forth

As I attempt to sit comfortably in my unemployment, typing this from the kitchen table in my suburban home, I am attempting to open my eyes to where I just may be called next.