Jesuit Volunteer Reflects: Advent – Called to Something Simple

Last Christmas brought perspective, providing me with a crash course to my JV experience. It asked me to be present to it all—the awkwardness of something new, the season, the budding relationships. As I enter Advent with a year of JVC under my belt, I understand that Christmas and Advent calls me into something simple: time spent with those I love, those I call my community. It invites me into what simplicity has meant for me this year, an attentive presence.

Observations from Ferguson

Monday night, we, along with three other Jesuits currently studying at St. Louis University, went to Ferguson to be present with the community there for the press conference where we learned that Darren Wilson would not be indicted for killing Michael Brown. Much has happened very quickly in the last 24 hours and we have been asked to share our experience.

PODCAST: Obama Executive Action from the Jesuit Conference Perspective

Last week President Obama announced executive action that will provide temporary relief to upwards of 5 million people currently in the U.S. without documentation. Shaina Aber (Policy Director, U.S. Jesuit Conference Social & International Ministries) offers an overview of President Obama's action from her perspective as director of the U.S. Jesuit Conference's National Advocacy Office. This interview was recorded on Monday, November 24, 2014, via telephone. Shaina joined us from her office at the Jesuit Conference in Washington D.C.