34 Years Later: Remembering the Churchwomen of El Salvador

Across the world, communities will remember the Churchwomen of El Salvador. We stand with these communities in lifting up the courage and commitment of these women.
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A Case for the Environment: Sustainability, Solidarity & Spirituality Are Intrinsically Linked

God calls us to preserve the natural environment to the best of our ability. Sustainability is carefully using natural resources while still reserving some of those resources for continued development. This means that we cannot use all our resources at once for a singular purpose. We must think critically about where these resources are going and what we might gain from them. Material goods are not the end-all, be-all of life; in fact, they effectively detract from our ability to strengthen our spirituality. The Jesuits advocate for simplicity, and this lifestyle is what allows followers of Christ to build divine ties without the mundane distractions of this world.