Day 11: Blessed Are Those Who Are Blameless

If these are blameless, who is to blame? Topping the list is myself and the ways I have squandered and brandished an entitlement attitude in terms of my carbon appetite. Yet, slowly with God’s grace and the help of others, I am awakening to join the struggle to confront fossil fuel status quo, diminish my carbon appetite and promote cleaner alternatives.

Day 10: Conversion in the Anthropocene

Future predictions on the effects of anthropogenic climate change are often bleak, but as today’s readings reveal, if we change our ways, if we change our destructive practices in relation to the Earth, we may be reconciled with it and live.

I lift up Trayvon today

I lift up Trayvon today and all people who have been killed or harmed while unarmed. I pray that Love will always prevail. It is my hope that the sum of our individual reflection on inner bias, hate, and quickness to violence will amount to a great, more loving future.