Day 11: Blessed Are Those Who Are Blameless

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12947771574_9b4bb6fa67_zTwo groups might be considered blameless in regard to climate change.

First, the poor because they lack disposable income to consume and waste fossil fuels. Second, indigenous communities – historically and even today many are forest/fishing people whose livelihood is independent from fossil fuels. Yet, these are the same groups who suffer the most from climate change (environmental refugees, famine and typhoon survivors). They are also the groups whose health and existence has been upended by the relentless pursuit of carbon fuel.

If these are blameless, who is to blame? Topping the list is myself and the ways I have squandered and brandished an entitlement attitude in terms of my carbon appetite. Yet, slowly with God’s grace and the help of others, I am awakening to join the struggle to confront fossil fuel status quo, diminish my carbon appetite and promote cleaner alternatives.


Loving God, thank you for constantly inviting me to more deeply experience your presence in others and the lands and waters around me. Strengthen me for deeper gratitude of your gifts. Let me not be so quick to assign blame to others but humbly see my own shortcomings. Let me draw nearer to those who are blameless.

John Sealey serves on provincial staff of the Midwest USA Jesuits (social justice and international ministries). He’s taught in three Jesuit high schools and worked on staff with JVC International.  


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  1. Frank O'Brien
    Frank O'Brien says:

    Blame is a provocative word, maybe used to force us to think and react. But the connotation that only the poor, and hunter gatherers are blameless is not helpful. Does God really want us to go backwards to escape guilt? Instead, these meditations challenge us to be better and smarter. Is fossil fuel the culprit, the only one. I like my morning paper and a warm house and coffee. Where are some practical alternates that don’t have enormous side effects waiting to be discovered? Let’s not jump too quickly to follow the pied piper. Today we use the word ecological or the word nvironmental to sell the latest fad products, to make old ideas seem better. Let’s be sure first.


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