Day 13: Creation’s Own Prophetic Voices

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Photo credit: Deepwater Horizon Response

Photo credit: Deepwater Horizon Response

Readings for Today

“We have not obeyed your servants the prophets,” prays Daniel in today’s first reading.

Who are our prophets today? It’s easy to identify them in hindsight, voices that stirred and empowered the collective conscience of a people to act for change. But in the present, prophetic voices are uncomfortable. We don’t want to grant them the title “prophet” because then we’d be obligated to listen, to heed, to change!

Regarding our environment’s prophets today, we can no doubt identify some men and women who lend their voices for a voiceless creation… but wait, is creation really voiceless? I invite us to consider unconventional prophetic voices, challenging us not in English, but in their extinction and disaster, in famine and dust bowls, oil-slicked birds and melting ice caps.

Reflection Questions:

  • Our planet speaks its pain in varied ways; do we take them seriously?
  • Have we overlooked some prophets sent to shake our ways?

Garrett Gundlach, S.J. is a Jesuit scholastic born and bred among the Great Lakes, scouting, bearding and biking his way into religious life. Never caught without a harmonica, often seen hugging trees, and joyfully awaiting the transformation of this world in love.

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