Day 22: Listen to the Land

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Photo Credit: Doug Wheller//flickr

Photo Credit: Doug Wheller//flickr

Readings for Today

In today’s first reading we’re asked to pay close attention; be wise; and think in generations.

I’m reminded of a Spring Prayer Day we had at our motherhouse in preparation for the creation of a land ethic.   We gathered to exercise our contemplative power putting ourselves in a position of “deep listening”.  Then we walked the motherhouse grounds in solitary silence, listening to all that the land had to say to us.  When we returned, we were met with art supplies to create a representation of one life form we experienced in communion with the land.  I made an ant.  We then convened a Council of All Beings in which we spoke to The Humans.  This was simply a creative way of opening ourselves up and paying close attention in order to be humble and wise in decision making for the benefit of mission and future generations.

Reflection Questions:

  • Can I open myself up to the diversity of life and listen deeply?
  • What is life in the form of land saying to me?
  • How can I advocate for the wholeness of life?

Susan Wilcox, CSJ is a Sister of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY and runs the Campus Ministry Office at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn.  She has Masters Degrees in Education and Conscious Evolution.  Providence House, a shelter for homeless and incarcerated women and their children helped form her vocation to religious life; working part-time for the Global Joseph Family at the United Nations broadened it and the CSJ Earth Matters Committee saved her vocation.  She is a re-occurring character in a book titled, “Thank You Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse” (University of California Press).


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  1. Sallie graves
    Sallie graves says:

    this is a great piece. It is very Quaker which I have so much respect for. The Presbyterians have crossed over to the dark side of meditation. It is not as orderly as they prefer but the pastor here in Washington has the most on the mark sermons I have ever heard. The man has to spend a lot of time in prayer and meditation.
    I just found the sight today but I am assuming that it might be lenten. I will be sure to check it every day. Let me know what else you are involved with. Tante Sallie


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