Day 23: A Kingdom Divided

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Readings for Today

Jakarta“Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste.”

Pope Francis frequently refers to what he regards as the creeping “culture of waste” enveloping our lives. He’s saying that a throw-away attitude towards material resources infects the way we treat people. There’s a connection between a culture that squanders the gifts of creation, and societies that place little value on the gift of life. Friendships, human embryos and people in general, are increasingly reduced to the category of objects to be consumed.

Underlying cultures of waste is division. Wastefulness pollutes our hearts and impedes our ability to love God and others. In the words of today’s Gospel, we are a Kingdom divided.

But wait … there’s another Kingdom, or to use St Ignatius’ imagery from the Spiritual Exercises, a second “standard” under which we can place ourselves.

Reflection Questions:

  • What for me is the opposite to wastefulness?
  • Does this answer inform my sense of Christian vocation?

Henry Longbottom SJ is a British Scholastic studying Theology in London. Prior to joining the Society of Jesus, he worked as an environmental attorney. He runs a blog


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