Day 27: Come Down and Heal

BY SCOT MARTIN | March 16, 2015
Today’s Readings

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3-16-15ScotMartinIsaiah foretells of “a new heaven and a new earth” which has its genesis now with every person who trusts and follows Jesus. This eschaton will be finally realized when Jesus returns in glory, not to take his beloved away, but to merge heaven and earth eternally.

While we wait let us visit the sick and imprisoned, shelter the homeless and feed the hungry, but let us also prepare a showcase for the Lord’s return. Begin with our own lives and then work to clean watersheds and soils; let us extirpate invasive species and restore landscapes with natives; let us know and glory in creatures that reside in our neighborhoods and those that pass through.

The Lord has promised “great joy in the morning” and to turn our “lamentation [of the despoiled earth among other things] into dancing” and to “clothe us with gladness.”

Let us build the Kingdom, which includes restored ecosystems, as much as we can to greet the coming King.

Reflection Questions:

  • What does building the Kingdom in the natural world look like?
  • What do you imagine the new heaven and earth will be like?
  • What talents and work you accomplish now might you imagine will show up in the fully realized Kingdom of God?

Scot F. Martin is the chief storyteller for Estorie Marketing. Prior to that he taught high school English, and before that he was kicked out of a Bible college in Minnesota. Now he zealously seeks to extirpate invasive species in Southeast Michigan where he lives with his wife and two children. He also blogs at


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