Day 29: Restoring the Land

BY TODD DUNFIELD| March 18, 2015
Today’s Readings

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3-18-15In today’s readings we are given passages that include images of the Lord restoring the land.

Making pastures abundant and clear water flow from springs. Don’t we all want to live in a place like that? My personal favorite passage is when the mountains break forth into singing. Sadly in some communities the land is not singing, but crying.

So much depends on our ability to restore the land. The work of restoring the land stretches from superfund sites, to brownfield remediation projects and even emerging permaculture groups in our cities and towns. I am deeply struck by the quote in the gospel about the son doing what he sees the father doing. It reminds me of the quote that as parents it is not what we say to our children about moral decisions, it is what they see us doing that matters most.

Reflection Questions:

  • Why is it so countercultural today to be interested in topics such as dirt and permaculture?
  • What can Christian communities do together to prevent Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring from becoming a reality?
  • What can you plant? What can you grow with the help of a child?

Todd Dunfield is the Director of the Center for Community Action and Service Learning at Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington.

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  1. Frank O'Brien
    Frank O'Brien says:

    We get limited responses because we have too many good cause, and no priorities. We want the world to be better but have no idea how to begin.
    The idea of Fathers example is important. How many of us observe the speed limit? What lesson does that teach the children? If we don’t respect our own laws that we make. Speed limits are set locally, not by a big government in Washington.
    The environmental costs of higher fuel consumption and toll from car crashes probably exceed thiose of direct pollution. Let’s start somewhere within reach!


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