Day 35: Facing Our Fears

BY LEAH SEALEY | March 24, 2015
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Sculpture of Moses’ staff and serpent at Mt. Nebo Photo Credit: Imagebase

There have been moments in my life when reframing an issue has caused me think in a new way.

Recently, I attended a Sustainability Workshop with the Milwaukee Jesuit Volunteers.  A participant remarked, “We need to move beyond thinking about sustainability and talk more about resiliency!”  Until then, I hadn’t given that much thought.

The first reading strikes me in a similar way.  How can looking at the snake that “bites” you save you?  Don’t turn away but face, and do something about, the things we fear.  This is one way to animate a faith that does justice.

There is a place inside all of us where the Holy Spirit resides.  Jesus knew this place intimately.  It is from here we should feel strength to tackle tough environmental issues and to be empowered to share our knowledge and convictions with others like Jesus would.

Reflection Questions:

  • How will/do I allow this season of Lent to open my mind and heart to pray for and reflect on God’s plan for me?
  • Where is my conviction and passion currently calling me?
  • In what tangible way can I be the servant leader Jesus calls me to be?

Leah Sealey is a support person for the Milwaukee Jesuit Volunteers, she is a former JV and former JV International staff person.  Leah “works for free” as a school and parish volunteer, caregiver and, most importantly, wife and mother.

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  1. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    I needed this message today. Now the first church climate meeting is being planned and there are many thoughts that circulate in my head, “Not good enough etc.” The Spirit has come through in the past. How can I doubt now? Thanks!


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