Day 43: Redeeming Betrayal

BY ANDY ALEXANDER | August 1, 2015
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“Betrayal,” Stained Glass Window, Great Shelford, England Photo Credit: Steve Day//flickr

On this “Spy Wednesday,” our hearts are focused on Jesus’ surrender into God’s hands, even knowing he will be betrayed.

We also reflect on how we have all betrayed the trust we have been given for this planet.  It is overwhelming to realize and accept.  However, this week, we can be grateful that God dealt with all our betrayal and nailed it to a tree.  All sin, all death, is redeemed and transformed through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  We can ask for the grace of deep personal gratitude this week.  May our hearts be so transformed by this gift that our desiring is renewed into a commitment to work for justice and a renewed right relationship with all of creation.  And, standing at the cross we can ask, “What have I, what am I, what ought I to do in response?” Only grateful love can heal our planet.

Reflection questions:

  • Can I open my heart to let my betrayals come to mind and be forgiven this week?
  • Can receive this love and go through the rest of Holy Week full of gratitude?
  • What generous response in my behavior, witness and advocacy does this gratitude lead to?

Andy is the Director of the Collaborative Ministry Office at Creighton University and the co-creator of the Online Ministries web site.

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