Holy Saturday: Finding New Life

BY LIZA APPER, OBL. | April 4, 2015
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CW dinner

Dinner at the Catholic Worker house in Fresno, CA

Just as the sun peaks over the horizon announcing the dawn of a new day, three women, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome find themselves journeying to the tomb where Jesus is buried.

The women want to see Jesus, to be in his presence, to attend to him with burial spices, and perhaps sit with him awhile remembering the life, the new life that he spoke of and lived with them. So they go to the place where they believe he is, certain that they will see him. Instead they are greeted by “a young man…clothed in white” who declares that “He [Jesus] is not here” (Mark 16:6). The young man then shows the women the now empty place in the tomb where Jesus had been laid to rest, reminding them that Jesus is alive. Jesus, the living One, is not among the dead. If the women want to find Jesus, they need to look for him among the living, the new life that is present in God’s creation.

How do we, as believers in Jesus, find new life among the living in God’s creation? At the St. Benedict Catholic Worker the presence of Jesus can be found with the poor in the living world of God’s creation. New life is found in the beautiful backyard of our hospitality house shared with visitors and guests who find new life in the refreshment of a rose garden or the shade of a pine tree. New life is found on our soup line where homemade meals are served that give new life from God’s earthly bounty. New life is found in the welcoming beauty of our hospitality house that creates home for the weary of heart with comfortable chairs and a library of books. New life can be found in the art, writing, and music activities, all gifts of God’s creation, that help grieving people heal in our grief education and support group. And new life is found in the loving presence of God’s creatures, our cats and dogs here at the Catholic Worker, who provide comfort and unconditional love to all.

Reflection Questions:

  • Where do you find new life?
  • How do you share new life, God’s created world, with the poor?

Liza Apper, Obl.OSB is director of the St. Benedict Catholic Worker in Fresno, CA. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Creighton University and a Masters in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University New Orleans.

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  1. Mary Larson
    Mary Larson says:

    Thank you for including cats and dogs as God’s creatures. I certainly find love and comfort in the ones that live with me and the ones I foster for the Humane Society.

  2. lizasbcw
    lizasbcw says:

    “Where is the Catholic Worker these days?” The Catholic Worker Movement has over 150 houses of hospitality around the world. Our house, the St. Benedict Catholic Worker that is featured in this reflection, is in Fresno, CA (NOT Oakland. It is incorrectly titled in the picture). For more info on the SBCW, see: http://www.sbcw.org.


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