Xavier University ‘Charges Up’ for a Greener Future

Xavier Electronic Vehicle

BY ISN STAFFApril 9, 2015

Xavier University is now home to one of the five new electric vehicle fast-charging stations unveiled by the city of Cincinnati recently. Xavier is one of several institutions partnering with the city in an attempt to make Cincinnati greener and more attractive to those who own or are looking to buy electrical cars.

Nancy Bertaux, Professor of Economics and Sustainability and co-chair of Xavier University’s Sustainability Committee spoke on behalf of Xavier at the Cincinnati Zoo Press Event on Tuesday.

“Cincinnati’s new fast chargers are an incentive for more drivers to make the change to electric vehicles.  And electric vehicles help organizations like Xavier University save fuel costs and reduce GHG emissions, from their fleets and from employee commutes,” said Bertaux.

Hosting a DC Fast Charger station on campus is an opportunity to build upon Xavier’s current green infrastructure.

“Xavier’s Fast Charger is a green asset, added to campus operations that embody our sustainability commitment: composting cafeteria, LEED-standard buildings, intensive focus on energy and water efficiency, native plantings and more,” said Bertaux.

Collaboration between universities and local government is critical for a greener future. Bertaux thanked city officials on behalf of Xavier University and exclaimed,

“The greater Cincinnati area is charging up for a cleaner, greener future!”

The station is located in front of the Cintas Center and is able to charge an electric vehicle in twenty minutes.

Xavier University is an Ignatian Solidarity Network 2014-2015 Institutional Member and has been consistently engaged in ISN programs including regular delegations of students and staff to the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice and identifying student leaders to participate in ISN’s University Leaders Summit.

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  1. Stefan Robert
    Stefan Robert says:

    The BEVC-AC001 talks about three chargers. Would it be necessary for a charging station to have 3 chargers? Is it possible to take a single-phase supply and then have only one charger on a station?


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