churchwomen of el salvador 35 years

Remembering the Churchwomen of El Salvador

I don't remember the deaths of the Churchwomen of El Salvador, but I do "remember" them.

Jesuit Networks Convene in Loyola to Address Climate Change, Poverty

From November 16-20, Society of Jesus networks involved in social justice ministry around the world held a "Networking for Justice” meeting in Loyola, Spain to discuss how to combat social and environmental injustice. The final document produced by the meeting recommended strengthening international Jesuit networks in order to address the effects of globalization on the poor as well as climate change. "Today, we feel an urgency to respond to these challenges, working for the inclusion of those that are excluded, experience poverty and to protect the sustainability of nature which is being threatened," said the report. The document also identified "inclusion and sustainability" as two "great tasks of our time."
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World leaders in Paris at COP21, Pope in Africa

It is no coincidence Pope Francis is in Africa while world leaders gather in Paris in the run-up to COP21.