Mexico’s President Welcomed the Pope

pencc83anietoThis was a very friendly address. While we didn’t get much in way of a reaction from the Pope, toward the end there was a smile on his face. This was when President Peña Nieto said: ‘You will leave a mark in Mexico. I’m sure Mexico will leave a mark on you.’ It was a nice moment. This is an outline of what Peña Nieto said.

  • Recognized Pope’s investiture as a head of state.
  • Acknowledged that this was the first time a Pope was welcomed to the National Palace in Mexico City
  • Also recognized that this visit transcends two heads of state meeting because of what he means to the people of Mexico.
  • Praised him for his many qualities
  • Acknowledged challenges of today: Inequality of wealth distribution, new exclusions of technology, migratory problems, intolerance, care of the planet.
  • People today are faced with the choice of doing good, being indifferent or being led by evil.
  • Mexico is in great need of renewing hope in solidarity.
  • Governments need to provide the basic needs of society, and provide opportunities for people.
  • Re-affirmed the need of a separation of Church and state in order to serve diversity, and promote dialogue.
  • You will leave a mark in Mexico and I am sure Mexico will leave a mark in you.
    • (This was the only part followed by a smile by the pope.)
  • Closing words: We welcome your words and your light.

If you want to read the full text, here it is.

If you want to watch it, here it is.

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