Day 17: Who do we cast aside?

Today’s readings bring to our attention the rejection that many people of color deal with in American society. In America, people of color have historically been given the biblical role of the last child in line for an inheritance or honor, and in many ways this remains true in the present day. Black people in America were considered sub-human until a war was fought and a piece of paper was signed.

Day 16: From Indifference to Mercy

“All lives matter.” “My family didn’t own slaves.” “I don’t see color. I see people.” “My parents worked hard for everything we have.” “What about black on black crime?” “This is just another case of a few bad apples ruining the bunch.” “Don’t play the race card.”
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ISN PODCAST: Crossing Borders for Justice Delegation

Our latest ISN Podcast looks at Crossing Borders for Justice, a new delegation designed to explore the reality of migrants who journey from El Salvador to the United States. Taking place from June 26 - July 6, 2016, the joint effort between CRISPAZ (Christians for Peace in El Salvador) and Kino Border Initiative (KBI) will include six days of visiting with advocacy groups and community members in El Salvador, followed by a four-day visit to the U.S.-Mexico border to explore the migrant experience there.