Day 36: Putting It All on the Line

Today’s Mass Readings

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Recently, I watched footage of Black Lives Matter protestors and other groups at different political events. I saw men and women putting their bodies in harm’s way and yelling out demands while standing in the midst of angry crowds. They endured insults and even assaults.

The protestors may or may not be Christian or even religious for that matter, but what I witnessed was a deep commitment to a cause that compelled them to place their bodies in vulnerable situations where they were subjected to verbal and sometimes physical abuse.


Are we willing to sacrifice our safety and well-being for our commitment to justice?

Our reading today tells the story of the three Hebrew men who refused to worship the god of King Nebuchadnezzar, sacrificing their very lives in obedience to their God. Their brave act challenged me to reflect upon my own beliefs and convictions and to consider if I would do the same if ever a situation required that level of sacrifice.

Most of us will never have to sacrifice our bodies or our lives to defend our beliefs. But often times we are in situations where we have to be brave, courageous, audacious, and unmovable. Our beliefs and convictions mean little if our commitment does not lead us to sacrifice everything to uphold those virtues. And who knows? In our very act of bravery, we, just like the three Hebrew men, could change the heart of the king.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How can you demonstrate bravery in your commitment to justice?
  2. King Nebuchadnezzar was so moved by the young men’s sacrifice and God’s delivering power, that he was compelled to believe in their God. Do others around you see your commitment to justice as inspiring? Are there ways you can influence others to deepen their commitment to justice?
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