September 2016 Ignatian Carbon Challenge

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The theme for September’s individual challenges is confronting habitats.
The numbers below relate to paragraphs of Laudato Si’.

  • Buy Me: Put a sticker on your favorite water bottle or non-resusable mug 30
  • Energy and Emissions:  Figure out how many minutes it takes to walk to school rather than bike, drive, or use public transportation 23
  • Going Places: Go for a hike with a friend 47, 84
  • Food: Watch plantpurenation 48
  • Person 2 Person: Tweet/Insta your stickered drinking vessel using #IggyCarbon
  • Learn: Learn evidence for climate change  23, 24,104, 209
  • Eco-biographies: Tweet/Insta a close-up image of a tree whose identity you just learned. Name the tree in the post and use #IggyCarbon 10
  • Prayer/Mission: Find and recite the St. Francis of Assisi Peace Prayer 96, 97, 98, 1, 2, 64

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