Soweto: My Lil Sis Neo

Rather than squeezing in time during the tight itinerary of a high school immersion trip, I now had the time and energy to be present to those around me. So, I spent an entire afternoon catching up with Neo and picking up where our conversations had left off. I recorded part of the conversation so that I could share the story of my South African sister.

Being Before Doing

For that meal, the issues we think of when we hear “township” or “ghetto” took a backseat. We crowded together, laughing and eating our “kotas”, big sandwiches full of meat and french fries. We marveled at how awesome, albeit unusual, our friendship was given our differences.
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Refugees: In Pursuit of a Life

This idea of being in search of a life is so foreign to us. As students, faculty, and staff of a university, we’ve become so accustomed to going through our daily lives. Despite being away from Loyola University Chicago's main campus in the U.S., we live in a privileged state here at the university's Rome campus, in which we are able to choose our homes, sometimes even choose where we want to sleep each night.