Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola: Be Filled with the Light of That Fire

In letters to Jesuits heading out on mission Ignatius would write, “Go, Set the World on Fire.” Can we take up this call through our actions, as people of solidarity with those whose dignity is threatened by the realities of injustice? Like the Samaritan, can we “Set the World on Fire” with acts of justice that overcome things like hate, violence, and poverty?
Our Lady Mother of Ferguson and All Those Killed by Gun Violence

Black Lives Matter: Weeping with Mary at the foot of the Cross

The conditions of the possibility of transformative solidarity concern the level of presence with and for ourselves, Jesus, and the most despised of God’s children in our time and place. Mary, along with Diamond Reynolds and too many others, still weeps in our midst.
Senator Tim Kaine with Jesuit Ismael Moreno Coto

Jesuit-Influenced Senator Tim Kaine Selected as Democratic Vice President Candidate

Senator Timothy Kaine (D-VA) has been selected by Hilary Clinton to be the vice presidential running mate for the Democratic ticket. Kaine is Catholic and a 1976 graduate of the Jesuit's Rockhurst High School and volunteered with a Jesuit missionary in Honduras during a break from law school in the early 1980's.