“Im sorry. Goodbye.” Defining Family for Lesedi

The next week, we saw Lesedi walking to St. Martin to attend the weekly morning Mass. She did not look happy. Tears were running down her face, she walked with her hood up, and she couldn’t gather any words to greet us. Upon asking how she was doing, she cried even louder, as she covered her face with her hands. Eventually, the tears stopped and she wrapped her arms around us in a supportive hug. We asked her what was causing her pain, and she told us this . . .

Voices From Soweto, South Africa: Dumisani’s Experience With Facing Fear and Shouldering Responsibility

Dumisani is a strong man. He is strong not just because he practices bodybuilding as a sport but also because he possesses a strength of character well beyond his age.

From Cleveland: Let Go Of Your Stereotypes

I implore everyone to refrain from "Us vs. Them" thinking that might incite violence and further divide us in any way. For those in Cleveland, be present at the events in the way you see fit (attending, protesting, observing, etc.), but when encountering a being with a different perspective, please try to listen for the most basic goals you share, like safety.