Fall in Love…With Craft Fairs

sarah-fall-in-loveFall in love with craft fairs and local markets—this is my favorite way to support local businesses! I loved attending craft fairs (often in local parish gyms) with my mom when I was younger. We would eat baked goods and buy holiday décor. These fairs still exist, many in hipper venues with a huge range of goods. They are a sustainable way to purchase holiday gifts and décor while supporting local crafters and, often, local parishes (or other non-profits that host). Many of these fairs even provide childcare for a nominal fee!

Buffalo has various types of markets that have been tailored to include food trucks, wine and coffee vendors (both great for parents), bakers, crafters and more! Our Queen City Market is a top-notch showcase of locally made food and products that, as one vendor put it, are not made of “yucky stuff.”

Autumn and early-winter are prime times for winter markets and craft fairs. Bring your children to explore! I’ve attended events that even include a special Santa’s workshop where children can do their own shopping. These markets are a concrete, easy way to spend your dollars buying locally and often ethically-produced goods.

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