Listen for the Voice of God

dawn-listenI hear a song on the radio “want it and buy it instantly.”  

Want a Christmas gift? Get it for a low price on Amazon, click to buy it, have it in two days!

Something happens anywhere and we know about it instantly.

We are used to instant! There’s no time to wait, it seems, in this hurried society, and the Christmas season seems to be the most rushed time of the year.

Yet over the loud holiday noises there is a whisper. God’s voice whispers….wait, be alert, be patient, for your Savior is coming.

Advent is a time of eager anticipation for the coming of Jesus. It is a prayerful time that asks us to step outside of our get it now comfort zone: to instead wait.

Recently, I spent time in Mexico City with my family and it felt like a true Advent moment.  I was pushed out of my comfort zone, forced to be alert to all that was around me. I was  forced to employ my limited Spanish skills, which I did (somewhat) happily; I was forced to slow down and not take anything for granted because I needed to take time even to find the best words to get my point across. I had more time to reflect; I actually uncovered a great piece that I had been missing and felt filled with life again.

This Advent I encourage you to sit, wait, reflect and step outside of yourself. Listen earnestly for the voice of God always, but especially in the hectic bustle of the Christmas season.

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