Maintain DACA and Support Dreamers

We believe that the dignity of every human being, particularly that of our children and youth, must be protected.  An estimated 800,000 young people have received and benefitted from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program since 2012 — now DACA is under threat as the Trump Administration considers petitions to terminate the program.

The Trump Administration’s decision to continue this program would ensure that young people can continue to work, study, and be protected from deportation while Congress debates broader legislative fixes to our broken immigration system. A decision to end this program would turn our nation’s back on immigrant youth who are seeking to reach their full God-given potential and fulfill the promise of gratefully giving back to the only country most have ever known.

The Trump Administration has an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate, both now and to future generations, our nation’s spirit of generosity and compassion. Join us in calling on Congressional members to do everything in their power to protect DACA recipients from deportation and support their right to work and study in this country as the Trump Administration considers the future of the DACA program.


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