Day 7: Are We Social Justice Babblers?

BY GARRETT GUNDLACH, S.J. | February 20, 2018
Today’s Readings

Mní wichoni … Water is life!

Ningun ser humano es ilegal … No human being is illegal!

Many of us know who and what we stand for in this world; I not only wear mine on buttons, shirts and bumper stickers, but pray for it at Mass or in nighttime prayers. We are very good at talking the talk of solidarity, of racial and social justice.

[Doris Yu / Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States]

We say who and what we stand for, but the readings today give us a first challenge: How often, how concretely do we walk the talk as advocates, activists, and lovers? God’s word in Isaiah is active, watering the earth, sowing seed, and feeding needs: how wholly does our word become real, world-nourishing activity?

We say who and what we stand for, but the readings today give us a second challenge: Do we risk joining God in this work? Jesus’ prayer today is a dangerous one, the Our Father a bold call to action. Do we truly want to co-work for God’s will to be done, the hard work of forgiveness and deliverance, fed only by a daily bread? Are we willing to be led and delivered, to lead and deliver our world from ingrained evils?

The prophets Isaiah and Jesus push us today, calling us out of the trenches our slogans can dig, calling us onto the front lines—the front lines of recommitment to daily action.

Are we social justice babblers or are we supporting actresses and actors?

Dear God, renew our courage to break forth from our routines; may our prayers and slogans be not ends in themselves, but reminders of the work we have done and must continue to do, together, with one another and with You, God, who challenge, nourish and lead us. Amen! Let it be so!

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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    So help me, God! YESSSSS! AMEN as we say in French: “MAY IT BE SO” (ainsi soit-il) xo Michelle


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