Through our partnership with schools, universities, and parishes, we have come to know many Dreamers, immigrants who came to this country as children and know the U.S. as their only home. These young people, without legal status, are woven into the communities we serve, yet for years have been denied access to the opportunities afforded to their peers while also being prevented from fully contributing to their own communities.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has provided relief from deportation and work authorization to over 700,000 of these young people, allowing them to integrate into and contribute to our communities more fully.  We have seen them pursue their dreams of higher education, advance their careers, start businesses, buy homes, and give more freely to their families and communities.  The suspension of DACA leaves Dreamers in highly vulnerable situations, fearful of deportation, and jeopardizes the advances they have made for themselves and for our communities. Despite the imminent termination of DACA on March 5th, to date Congress has failed to enact legislation to protect Dreamers.

Today (Monday, February 26) the U.S. Catholic Bishops urge all people of faith to call for the legislation that is so urgently needed to protect these young people. As a network grounded in the values of the Gospels – to welcome, protect, and integrate – we invite you to join us in standing in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters.


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