Support Common Sense Gun Legislation to Protect Northeast Ohioans

In Northeast Ohio and across the United States, gun violence destroys individual lives, families, and communities, in our homes, on our streets, and in schools and public spaces.

In a 1994 Pastoral Message, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote that “our faith is tested by violence. We have an obligation to respond. Violence — in our homes, our schools and streets, our nation and world — is destroying the lives, dignity and hopes of millions of our sisters and brothers.”

Today, in solidarity with all those who have suffered the effects of gun violence, we stand with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, Jesuit Schools Network, in supporting common sense gun legislation that will make our communities safer, including setting a more appropriate minimum age for gun ownership, requiring universal background checks, and banning ‘bump stocks’ and assault weapons.

We ask that you work with colleagues from both political parties to enact these simple changes that will make Northeast Ohio and our nation safer for all people.