Sacrifice and Action

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When I was younger I would blindly accept the Eucharist without truly understanding the importance of sacrifice or passion of Jesus. We all know about the breaking of the bread and wine but what are we truly called to reflect and act on when we accept the body and blood of Christ?

As I reflect on my service with others I think about how we are called to take action and “do everything the Lord has told us.” If we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made as we live out our faith and values, we can hold ourselves accountable for the dignity and humanity that we all deserve.

[Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P. via Flickr]

Now that I’m older and have been more critical of my faith, ideas, and traditions, I have learned to embrace the sacrifice of Jesus as a gift,  in order to live with joy, happiness, and fulfillment. At the same time, the sacrifices we make or accept can be serious and difficult, but will only lead us through the human path of existence where we can experience all things, good or bad, through Christ.

In the Eucharist, we are reminded to accept Jesus Christ, but we should not forget the ways in which we deny our faith by rejecting God. Just like my previous reflection stated, we must accept—not reject—the future cornerstones of our lives so that we do not reject those who have sacrificed everything for us.

For Reflection:

  • How, through the sacrifice of Christ, are we called to take action?
  • Do we commit ourselves to serve others at the Eucharist?
  • In what ways do you remember the sacrifice of Jesus in order to live your faith and values?


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