Day 3 | Rebuilding That Which Has Been Broken

BY DR. NATHAN SESSOMS | March 8, 2019
Today’s Readings 

As believers, it is comforting to know that we can always take our concerns to God and cast our cares upon Him. However, the tone and tenor of our approach is just as important as the act itself. In today’s readings, God emphasizes what needs to be done in order to please Him and gain His favor. In particular, He instructs us to care for each other and, more importantly, the oppressed and marginalized. Only then can we be in right relationship with God and receive the healing, protection, and blessings that He has promised.

In living for God, who am I best suited to serve?

Living for ourselves can be both fun and satisfying. Living for God means doing His work for the betterment of others, in particular, those most in need—the impoverished, the imprisoned, the hungry, those experiencing homelessness, and others. This, then, requires us to develop and maintain an awareness of those in need, as well as the systems in our society that have failed them and are, therefore, broken. Developing this sense of awareness can often be uncomfortable, particularly for those who have never experienced these conditions. However, it is when we are uncomfortable that we experience the most growth.

Ask yourself the question: In living for God, who am I best suited to serve?

Your answer to this question may guide you to do work that truly pleases God and leads you to a greater level of fulfillment. It may also be the first step toward rebuilding that which has been broken.

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  1. Pat Fox
    Pat Fox says:

    As a Vincentian, I am privileged in the course of a Home Visit to meet the needy on their own home turf. I grew up in a middle-class family where we always had what we needed but not a lot of extras. .These folks who have been marginalized by their poverty are so grateful for an empathetic ear, a shared prayer and whatever assistance we can provide. These are humbling and at the same time gratifying experiences. God has found and plunked me down in my niche and for this, I am truly grateful.

  2. Brendalee Connors
    Brendalee Connors says:

    I don’t understand why this article refers to God only as”He” when God is clearly non gender specific. God can be She or gender neutral,


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