You Will Find Nourishment

Sunday’s Readings

Relationships can hold tremendous value—far more value than cash.

Relationships can nourish a hungry crowd. Jesus tells the disciples—“You feed them.”

crowd relationship

Don’t get bogged down in money (No, you can’t afford to buy all these people dinner. Doesn’t matter. They don’t need money. They need you).

Don’t get bogged down in exhaustion (I know you’re tired from the recent mission…you know, the one without bags, staffs, and extra shirts…shaking the dust from your feet and all. Doesn’t matter—offering what little you do have will be plenty).

Don’t get bogged down in practicality. (Just have them sit in groups of 50. It’ll be fine, if a little time-consuming).

Don’t get bogged down in lack. (Give them all you have without fear—it will be enough. For you AND for them. There will even be leftovers).

You’ll eat. They’ll eat. And all of us will be satisfied. You will find nourishment to satisfy what you’re hungry for by meeting the needs of this needy, persistent crowd.

Give your humanity—and receive their humanity.

The line between bread and self disappears completely when Jesus sits at table with his friends, as Paul describes in Corinthians. Giving away bread becomes one and the same as giving away ourselves. For Jesus, there is no line between bread and flesh. Both exist for the nourishment of others. Both are made for relationship, for exchange of humanity.

Consume, nourish, become, serve. Repeat.

Consume, nourish, become, serve. Repeat.

Where is God calling you to give yourself away? How can God take something small and make it abundant and satisfying to those in need?

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