Monday of Holy Week: Justice to the Nations

Monday of Holy Week
Today’s Readings
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“He shall bring forth justice to the nations, Not crying out, not shouting.”

This particular line in today’s reading resonated with me the most because I have been hyper-aware of how important this election is turning out to be for me and the community I worry about the most, immigrants. Ever since my incredible experience at the Democratic debate in December 2019, I realized how much bigger than all of us this election was and is turning out to be.

justice for the nations

In this turbulent beginning of a decade, where all we seem to care about is coronavirus, the stock market, and the 2020 election, I think it is the best time to ground ourselves in our values and the things we ought not to lose sight of. The consumption of the news has felt cluttered and harmful to my mental health in recent weeks. Throughout my years of work with The DreamON Campaign, Aliento AZ, and other local and national organizing work, I have sort of built up a tolerance for the harms that being an ‘activist’ brings. I’ve learned when to conveniently forget that I am an immigrant in order to protect myself. 

Although my emotions creep up on me, I often find myself unhealthily suppressing them in order to “be presentable for the camera” or “prevent an infliction of these negative emotions onto others to avoid pity.” While I am aware that this is wrong, I need to take in the advice I constantly encourage for others.

Taking time off and taking care of yourself is encouraged. In the halls at Loyola Marymount University, I always read a poster that says, “Self-care is NOT selfish.” And to that, I say, “Amen!” Amidst my attempts to strategize with legislators and formulate the perfect plan of advocacy, I undervalue the power of my emotions. The power of crying out and the shouting that my mind desperately needs shall no longer be suppressed. 

In whatever style you feel the most comfortable with—protesting, emailing, lobbying—bring forth justice to the nations by doing your part. For you, for me, and for us.

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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho says:

    Nice reflection Salazar. Thanks. Jesus stood up for justice and compassion. In matters of justice, Christianity is far more appealing to men and women of goodwill then mere Churchianity.

  2. Berni Phillips
    Berni Phillips says:

    Thank you for this reflection. It has been many many years since my family were immigrants, but I feel strongly the connection to them. Many of my co-workers are from other countries, and they only make us stronger. Our Catholic faith tells us we must protect the alien and the most vulnerable and have a preferential option for the poor, who are often immigrants or the descendants of more recent ones.

  3. Vicki DeArmey
    Vicki DeArmey says:

    I am so thankful I was able to minister in France and Spain for a total of 35 years. My eyes and heart were opened to so many cultures and so many languages that enriched me in so many ways. I miss my French and Spanish friends but we still keep in touch. I felt I left part of my heart and soul on the other side of the world. I have had the priviledge of helping in a free health clinic and often I am needed to help translate in French and Spanish. I have wept with immigrants who have their husbands and fathers picked up by ICE, others who live in fear because they are not legally here but working hard to make a life here but can not get the right status to stay here. Many have left a spouse or children behind. I want to give them hope through prayer, holding their hand, crying with them that they are not alone. Many have blessed me with their courage and quiet spirit of hoping too that one day they will be able to live freely without all these burdens hanging over their heads. I pray for God’s mercy and favor upon them

  4. Cathy Guinan
    Cathy Guinan says:

    Thank you! I completely empathize with the emotions you describe. Take care. We must vote and rid our country of this awful person and his corruption.

  5. Armando Lugo
    Armando Lugo says:

    Try to bring those thoughts up and out of your mind without shouting but I think if you must do it.


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