Youthful and Wise

BY LENA CHAPIN | July 27, 2020
Sunday’s Readings

In Sunday’s readings, God tells Solomon to ask for whatever he wants and God will give it to him. Solomon begins his comments with “I am a mere youth.” Having a lot on his shoulders as a young king, he approaches the offering with humility as king—simply to be able to serve his citizens as they deserve.

He doesn’t seem to own the responsibility of leading his people yet. He is uncomfortable with the prospect, but God assures him that his age and his discomfort have nothing to do with being a good leader.

youthful, wise

God says it is this humility, the community-focused desire of having “an understanding heart”, and wanting to “distinguish right from wrong” that makes him a leader of which there has never been and there never will be an equal. 

Between the words of yesterday’s readings and the example I see in those younger than me—from the students I meet at ISN programs to the recent words of the youngest female member of Congress as she spoke up for women everywhere—I can’t help but be inspired to continue to ask God for “a wise and understanding heart.”

These young people are quite literally leading national and international movements around preventing and reversing climate change. They’re fighting for more humane immigration policies and they’re leading conversations and actions to make racism a thing of the past.

Each day, I am blown away by their knowledge and strength as they talk about their personal struggles and how that plays into their work for the betterment of the lives of many. Their humility and community-minded actions are where I see Jesus at work in daily life.

But this isn’t a call to let the young people go at it alone. This is a reminder that Solomon and Jesus were both youthful and wise, and that leading with love is God’s will after all.

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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho says:

    The baton of the present and future well being of the Planet is firmly landing in the dynamic hands of the youth.

  2. F. George Dunham, III
    F. George Dunham, III says:

    If only I had your wisdom and youth. I am very old and very fat now. I made all the wrong choices in my life chasing after money at the expense of losing all of my friends and now I am alone. Follow Solomon’s path youngins and you won’t end us so sad and alone like me.

    • RJ Andes
      RJ Andes says:

      Everyone makes wrong choices no body is perfect in either beauty or appearance, When I was younger I was a top 50 prospect and was hyped up by people in the media, I picked up a injury when visiting a team with a workout a week before that cost me not getting drafted and I went undrafted and spent 2 years on a practice squad.

      This led to depression that affected me mentally and physically, at one point my live came to a crossroad has I looked at the water below and I thought about doing something, but thanks to the young lady that saved me I’m here today married to the exact same lady that helped me and when my child was born I went back to that same spot and I thanked God for giving me a 2nd chance.

      I felt that this was a test and I past it thanks to a stranger, maybe you will get your test and everything becomes well.Has my nan use to say

      ” Boy when you get to my age they say you forget a lot but I have more knowledge and have had experiences some will never have, enjoy your own live and don’t compare it to others or else you will regret things and that will lead to a path with no exit”

      Youth think there right now about everything but when in the future they will have to get by knowing the mistakes they made, if the youth are peaceful and not trying to be agitators and not trying to get reactions then that is the right way even if I don’t agree with most of it they still have the right to speech and protest, that is a example that we don’t live in a oppressed society if we did there would be no protests.

  3. Mr Anon
    Mr Anon says:

    The young are also causing destruction globally and most of the time do not understand what there fighting for, they attack old people, set fires, destroy buildings and peoples living, commit hate crimes, spread false information, tear stuff down they know nothing about, attack innocent people and think there entitled. I’ve already got a estimated $1.7m damages done to my properties and businesses this includes charity venues that help disadvantage people mainly Hispanic and Black people so your hurting real people you supposedly want to help, insurance are refusing to pay out due to the city it happened in. So my apology if I don’t share this fake news regarding youth movements at this time and neither do most people, God Bless

  4. Mr Anon
    Mr Anon says:

    I just want to add, Solomon and God it was very good especially whilst he was young. But remind me again how this bright example of youth went on to be later in life after the wars, the riches, the numerous wives, the temples created for false deity worshipping and so many hurtful things against God considering the supposed wisdom Solomon had. Solomon knew inside the decisions he was making were not right but in his selfish ways continued anyway, by the time he got old he then realized the bad things he had done was removing God from is life while been bad and all God ever wanted was Solomon to love him just has that day when he handed the gift of wisdom. The youth movements are like Gods gifts it a shame that movements get old and become bad and destructive, but will it be too late just has Solomon learnt for todays youth that a lot are doing more harm than good and eventually will lose the love and attention of those that there trying help,this will happen. God Bless


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