A Prophetic Imagination

BY AMIRAH OROZCO | November 9, 2020
Sunday’s Readings

As a country and world, this past week has been tumultuous, to say the least. As our country awaited a nail-biting finish to the most exceptional election in history, I could not help but think of the faces of the people who this election will mean life or death for. The migrants on the border, the people on coastlines, elderly folk terrified of COVID. I could not have imagined an election with higher stakes. Yet, when it is all said and done, we still have to coexist in such a way that is not simply in line with Donald Trump or Joe Biden, but is instead a community of people who are beloved by God. Today’s readings remind us of the importance of what St. Thomas Aquinas’ wrote is the greatest virtue of all: prudence. In an America that continues to be manipulated into thinking we are divided, Christians must always be equipped with a prophetic imagination of the Scriptures that allows us to look beyond the divisive rhetoric as we await the coming of the Kingdom of God. 

prophetic imagination

We must build what Pope Francis refers to as a “culture of encounter.” In his latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti he quotes a samba saying, “Life, for all its confrontations, is the art of encounter.” This election was quite a confrontation, but that does not mean that we cannot build from it beauty to encourage encounter and conversion in one another. We cannot, of course, do that by yelling about how divided we are, but instead by loving and caring for one another. By building a culture of encounter, we assure that even through all the ills and sin in our world, we will be ready when the time comes to be saved together, since none of us can be saved alone.

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  1. Mary E Donato
    Mary E Donato says:

    Fratelli Tutti makes it clear that our focus in the US on individualism and competition runs counter to Catholic social teaching. Many other cultures emphasize community and cooperation and the people are the better for it.

  2. Dr.Cajetan Coelho
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho says:

    Life is a precious gift. We are pilgrims joyfully walking together, assisting one another on our common route.

  3. Dr Eileen Quinn Knight
    Dr Eileen Quinn Knight says:

    “Since none of us can be saved alone” This statement helps us to realize not only the encounter with each other but the continual investment in the goodness of each other. Our truly listening and caring for each other is shown to us repeatedly in the Gospel stories. The story of Lazarus is so meaningful to us as he cared for Mary and Martha and they cared for him. Jesus shows his great love by the concern he has for Lazarus. The crowd outside the home shows love and concern for each other. None of us can be saved alone.
    In our present day we see our newly elected president reaching out to assist all, not just his party, he knows that none of us can be saved alone. We need each other to fulfill the word of God and to find ways we can transform our present situation to line up with the needs of our country, our Church, and our families. We develop the habit of going to God together as we strive to enliven and enrich our transformation. On any issue others can assist us in finding the way to fulfill our baptismal promises together. We are through Him, With Him and In Him together. None of us can be saved alone.

  4. RJ Andes
    RJ Andes says:

    America is very much divided even within certain race groups.Biden although he won, before the voting started according to every poll and media outlet it was going to be a landslide victory, does this mean Trump had some faults but wasn’t as bad has the left were making out especially amongst those that were expected to vote against him.

    I’ve read many comments by certain privileged sports athletes and pampered Hollywood stars which everyday problems are less likely going to affect them and yes this does include those that are black. There comments create a open platform that infact promote the opposite and instead create a pick side mentality and if your against then your wrong and racist.

    Has a country it won’t change in the next 4 years, only benefits will be for those abroad, businesses and those in office. We the American people will still be arguing with each other and we need to stop agreeing to false narratives promoted by media and organizations that do not want peace.

    Not every White person is racist, Not every Black person is a criminal, Not every Latinx is here illegally and Not every Asian will steal your kids college place. This is the real reason it won’t change because people are forcing a ideology that every race is tied to a stereotype created by the media not by us and it’s the same people that are deciding on who should be right or wrong.

    Forcing someone or a race to agree with you aggressively is a sign that you are trying to oppress them, so in reality your doing exactly what you don’t agree with even though you think your right.
    White people are been forced to agree and kneel plus apologize for things they haven’t done if not we label them and also state they have privilege which is untrue this is modern logic, sounds wrong when you think about it.

    A revolution always ends with no true winner but a page in history which will give false reasons for conflict in the future.

  5. Julie Poehling
    Julie Poehling says:

    I am Third.
    2Love others(encounter)
    3. Love self.
    Be Christ. Live the Gospel – BCLG


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