What Shall We Do Now?

BY JAMES PAUL GUMATAOTAO | November 16, 2020
Sunday’s Readings

Over the past couple of months, many issues have occupied our lives. From the election to the pandemic, all atop systemic injustice continuing to manifest itself in many areas of our society. 

What shall we do now?

Reflecting on yesterday’s readings, we are challenged to ask ourselves “Is now the time to bury our talents?” In the second reading, St. Paul reminds us that the time is coming—now is not a time to stand by and be idle. We are tempted to interpret the Gospel through our U.S. capitalist context, but during Jesus’ time, the last thing on the servant’s mind were gains from the market. Instead, scholars argue that people functioned under the perspective that there was a limited amount of wealth, which means that one’s gains came at the cost of another. In our society, the exploitation of native peoples, minority populations, women, immigrants, and the poor is far too familiar. Unlike the poetic admiration of our first reading, for too long our society continues to disregard the value and dignity of many peoples for being simply who they are or for seeking a safer life for their children and grandchildren. 

What shall we do now? Instead of burying our talents, Christ invites us to use our gifts, privilege, and various abilities to take action. As Pope Francis says in Evangelii Gaudium, the Church “cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice.” Active participation means we must stand together to confront unjust systems, to lift the poor, and to protect the dignity of all of God’s creation. So no, now is not the time to bury your talents. Go out and bring about the reign of God here and now.

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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho says:

    Holistic health can do wonders. Bending low to uplift the lowly is a healthy exercise.

  2. RJ Andes
    RJ Andes says:

    Very interesting indeed but very biased and a hint of self imposed beliefs has certain people or genders were not mentioned which can be seen to be a sexism and racism.

    I will tell you want to hear after reading between the lines, not all white males are privileged and rich, skin color does not give anyone privilege, markets and the rich have many minorities and immigrants present in a lot of sectors, no worker benefits from a workplace does not matter race or gender ( not everyone has a office job )

    I can easily invite you speak to minorities that are ceo’s, went to top university, live in very expensive homes and flash there wealth at people that suffered and still are. We are heading in to dangerous territory and soon people will get up fed up on both sides.

    My job sees athletes getting picked because the place I work does not want to offend, those athletes I wanted to be part of the program which were not accepted because of this “woke culture” 72% went on to be a pro and currently 59% are still playing today.

    You don’t realize how this affects children dreams just aslong it’s the cultures you want ahead of the line. All races, Male and Female this is the true definition of Gods creation not excluding them like you did.


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